I sneaked in a workout this morning when I got to work.  My cardio was from the elliptical and then I lifted legs.  I will not be working out tomorrow unless the weather cancels our event.  I’m praying the event is still on for tomorrow because I’m so ready for it to be over.  When you spend 4-5 months planning something you just want it to be over when it is originally scheduled.  Plus if it is canceled and moved to next week that will make me have to move another event to the following week.  Crazy stuff right now! 

I’m off to Lexington as soon as my procard is approved to purchase the root beer keg.  I may end up using my personal card (which I hate) and get reimbursed.  Fingers crossed I get the approval ASAP!

So maybe yesterday’s run was not as off as I thought. I found my Garmin so today I repeated part of the route wearing my Garmin and using my fitbit app. They were almost the same with a 0.05 difference in distance. My pace was slower today but only by 7 seconds. Maybe my two rest days did me some good. I still don’t feel like I ran that fast of a pace yesterday and today.

I’m waiting on dinner to cook. I’m starving and it will be another 40 minutes! Time for more crockpot meals!

I just spent the last hour with a coworker plugging in volunteers for our big event Thursday and we have just learned it did not save.  We have the version we started yesterday which was 1/3 completed and after today’s brain session it was more than 2/3 completed.  She had it open on her computer in her office and I had it open on mine making changes.  With it being open on 2 computers it did not save.  We’ve lost everything. 

Thursday morning we will make a decision about our huge Rec the Ravine event.  The weather forecast is not promising so I suspect it will be canceled and moved to next week.   We are looking at Wednesday for the event.  The only sucks because next Tuesday is our big evening event at a local bar.  I am talking to my supervisor later about possibly moving that event. 

Q and A

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Name: Meghan
Birthday: 4/21

Favorite color: as a kid I was a purple girl and then turned to pink.  Now it switches daily between purple, pink, blue, green, orange.  It seriously depends on the day.
Lucky number: I have a few.  8, 12, 24
Height: 5’6” 1/2
Talents: My tongue and stomach rolling ability (also known as stupid human tricks).

Last dream you remember: I blogged about this last week or 2 weeks ago.  I was on a trip with my old counselor and trying to convince her I was recovering and she didn’t believe me.  
Can you juggle: Yes!  But only with 3 items.  I learned in high school for cheerleading because we were planning to put it in our competition routine but that never happened. 
Art/sports/both: I’m very athletic.  I can be competitive in almost every sport whether I’ve played it for years or just started.  I come from an athletic family.  I like to be artsy but I’m not all that artsy. 

Do you like writing: If by writing you mean journaling then yes I like to do that when the time is right. 

Do you like dancing: It completely depends on who I’m around and the likelihood of seeing them again.  
Do you like singing: LOVE IT but can’t carry a tune.


Dream vacation: back to Hawaii and this time with some active people to explore the islands. 

Dream guy/gal: tall, dark and handsome. 
Dream wedding: unlimited budget :-)
Dream pet: some type of dog that’s not too needy or high maintenance. 
Dream job: still trying to figure this one out.
Favorite song: Currently my favorite is Multiplied by Needtobreathe or Try by Colbie Caillat.
Last song you heard on the radio: Womanizer (Britney Spears)…I work at a gym and that’s what just played. 
Least favorite song: anything overplayed by radio so pretty much all the hit songs right now since I hear them a hundred times a day.
Least favorite album: Beats me. 

Least favorite artist: IDK….I can appreciate all music and artists so it is hard to say. 


Guys/girls/both: Men, not boys.
Hair colour: I would say most guys I’m attracted to have brown hair
Eye colour: I’m a sucker for blue eyes.

Humorous/serious: It is always nice to be able to laugh at/with someone however they need to recognize the times to be serious. 
Taller/shorter: Taller for sure!
Biggest turn-off: Arrogant douche bags and tobacco users
Biggest turn-on: confidence (not cockiness). 

I’m not tagging anyone but feel free to copy and paste this and answer the questions!

I’m on a wellness champion call right now.  I have my phone muted so I cannot be heard typing and doing other more important things with my work day.  I just found out my shirt order for Thursday’s event may have been lost.  I checked my emails and I definitely had an in-hands date of 8/15 which was last Friday.  This is not the stress I needed for this week.