I had so much fun socializing with my coworkers tonight. It’s nice sometimes to get together and not be worried about saying the wrong thing and getting in trouble. I’m ready for bed now! I dread tomorrow.

Today was pretty great. The challenge course was awesome. I was slightly nervous up top but for some reason felt like I had tons of courage and volunteered myself to go first on most elements. Most of the elements were teamwork things and the support was from my group was good. I liked the people in my group which you know is a make it or break it kind of thing.

I had decided after the course today would be a “rest” day but then I realized I won’t be able to run tomorrow or Thursday since I’m away for this retreat. So Wednesday and Thursday are now my rest days. I tried to do some speed work after work but that didn’t last too long. I manage 2 good sprints and 2 half ass sprints. All together it was a good 20 minutes of outdoor activity.

Tomorrow we start the retreat with a 2-hour service project. We are painting the playground equipment at the local park…the park I visit most often! Yay! I’m excited for this one. Off to TN afterwards. Ugh….I dread this part.

Time to pack and get some rest. Good night!

The unofficial end to summer break is this week.  I’ve enjoyed the down time and there will be a few more days of down time however the busy season is fast approaching.  I leave Wednesday morning for our annual division retreat in Gatlinburg.  The retreat isn’t horrible but I can think of better ways to spend my time.  I’m especially not excited this year seeing how we are repeating some content from a couple years ago.  I hope the review of this information is different because the last review of this content was the worst retreat ever.