This crazy week of ginormous amounts of food is coming to an end. I was good in sticking to my dinner plan however I didn’t stick to my plans for other meals. I’m disappointed in this choice because long term this does not help me in recovery. All it does is reinforce skipping meals is a way of life and not harmful to my health. I’m disappointed I’m not able to stick to a plan or pull from positive behaviors to overcome what is harmful. I’m disappointed. I’m trying to remind myself of the realization I made several weeks ago and only count this as one simple mistake but knowing it’s been every day this week makes that a million times more difficult. The meal craziness continues for the next week too. Then in a few weeks I leave or Hawaii. I feel huge just thinking about it.

Dinner with candidate #3 was great. Judging from tonight I’d out her in the running for the job. Today’s candidate was nice but not at level of yesterday or Tuesdays candidates. I’m excited for tomorrow and talking more with this candidate.

A student just asked me over the phone the name of my office building.  I said Fitness and Wellness Center.  He then asked where it was located and I explained it to him.  He then asked to spell the name of my building.  I asked you want me to spell Fitness and Wellness Center? He said no the name of the building.  I said it it named the Fitness and Wellness Center.  He said yes please spell it.  Seriously?  You’re in college and you’re a public health major and you cannot spell fitness and wellness?  YIKES!

Day 1 of interviews complete and dinner with candidate 2 is done. I really like our second candidate. I’m interested in talking with her more tomorrow. Today’s candidate….she wasn’t great but not bad either.

The meals I starting to get to me. I’m sticking to my plans but my plan involved good workouts. My hip/leg did not feel well today which means I should take it easy tomorrow. It’s hard to do that knowing I have a meal out tomorrow evening.

Time for bed….another crazy day tomorrow.

I’m taking a GF class in 25 minutes.  It is my first GF class in the last 18-ish months.  I’m a little nervous.  I’m almost certain I won’t be able to do all the class if it’s anything like the candidate described last night plus I’m already hurting a little and I don’t want to make it that much worse.  I’m excited but nervous.  Mainly I want to be able to move tomorrow and be comfortable for everything tonight. 

I was home by 8:30 tonight. Dinner with the candidate was pretty good. I’m proud of myself for sticking to my meal plan for tonight. I’m often influenced by others when out to eat but tonight I held my ground. Anyway, back to the candidate. She was nice and the conversation flowed. I didn’t get a bad feeling but not a good feeling either. She said one thing that concerns me for doing the job that needs to be explored some more tomorrow. I will make sure it’s something asked about whether it’s in the committee meeting or her one on one with her supervisor. I’m drained and ready for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow will be long.