At lunch today I met with my two interns. Somehow we got on the topic of needles and one intern talked about his fear of them. I made a comment that I’m so used to them I’m like (holding out my arm) “shoot me up”. There was a random kid walking past is when I did this and I received the weirdest look. I’m 99.9% sure he thinks I’m a druggie. I’m so glad I didn’t have on any campus rec gear nor my name tag. That would have been fun to explain.

I’m debating going to the doctor Friday when I’m off work.  I don’t have a need to go to the doctor but if I want to receive the incentive for our employee wellness program I need to schedule a wellness appointment.  I think it’s bullshit I need to go to the doctor for a wellness visit when our program provided on-site biometric screenings which is basically what would be done at this visit.  Now I get to waste some time by making an appointment and also waste a $20 copay.  Wellness visits are supposed to be free but my dr’s office charges you then credits your account.  It’s all messed up.  I don’t know what to do. 

Department Divided

There is currently 7 pro staff in our department. We are split 4 to 3 on who to hire for the fitness job. The committee vote is also split but there are only two of us in the committee who saw both candidates we are split between. So in my opinion it’s hard to give credit to everyone’s votes when they cannot evenly compare candidates. It will come down to what my supervisor wants for this position. Then it will feel like all my time and my opinion do not matter. Guess I will find out something tomorrow. Yay work.

Well I found out last night the job in my hometown has already been filled.  I’m a little disappointed mainly because it was never posted on their website and I’ve checked it EVERY SINGLE DAY since the last person resigned.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  I will be thankful I have a job and continue looking for opportunities. 

Today’s candidate is a bit mysterious.  I had a brief chat with my supervisor who spent part of yesterday with the candidate and I spent part of the day with her as well.  Our expectations may have been too high but it seems we are meeting a completely different person than who we spoke to on the phone.  I’m curious to see how the committee interview goes today.  Whatever happens I still believe we have brought in 5 quality candidates. 

Such as awesome day. It started with Starbucks. Yum! The AA for our department brought me some dessert at lunch. A friend who teaches in exercise science brought me a donut with a “flag” and then I ended the day at Casa. I thought I was safe from the whip cream in the face since this trip was for work however I was wrong. My undergrad tweeted me birthday wishes which was completely unexpected and super cool! So. Much. Fun.

It’s MY Party and I’ll…..

Do what I want! 

My roommate surprised me with a card and gift certificate for a massage this morning.  Now I know why she said what she said a couple weeks ago when talking about the massage she had.  I can’t wait to get it scheduled! 

I decided for my birthday I wanted to do something random for a stranger so this morning I paid for the car behind me at the Starbucks drive thru. 

Today is our final candidate.  I’m more than excited to have this search completed however the hard part will be coming to a decision on who to hire.  It is not fun deciding someone’s future. 

Today the phone interview portion of the Activities position closes and we select on campus candidates.  This search is a little awkward since one candidate is internal and she has been doing the job on an interim basis for the last 7 months.  The awkward part is that she’s not exactly performed well in the position.  I collaborate with this position so for her phone interview I remained silent.  My opinion seems to be on track with others in her department. 

I didn’t use enough hairspray this morning and I didn’t pack my extra travel bottle.  My hair may get big and frizzy today. 

Happy Monday!


Edit:  I found the travel bottle of hairspray….it’s gonna be a great day!

I just spent the last 20 minutes picking out an outfit for tomorrow. I like to dress up more than normal on my birthday but we have our final candidate on campus tomorrow meaning I have another dinner tomorrow night. I don’t want to be super dressy for the dinner. I have a good compromise picked out now if only I still like it in the morning.

It’s my final night as a 20-something year old. Yay :/