Well that run did not go as planned. I wanted to attempt 4 miles. I’ve not done more than three since surgery. The weather is perfectly cool and I rested yesterday so I thought 4 would be fine. Miles 1 and 2 were great. I killed it. 8:45 and 8:30 pace. I turned the corner a tenth of a mile later and pop goes my hip. Crap! The next couple steps I felt a catch so I slowed to a walk and tried to stretch it out. I picked up a slow jog for the rest of my run (another .4) then called it quits. I walked three quarters a mile back to my office continuing to feel the same catch. What the fuck! I’m icing now…I hope it’s only something minor and Tomorrow it will be gone. I’ll rethink my shoe choice for work tomorrow. Heels will kill!

I received as email from a faculty member addressed to me and another faculty member about working together on a grant initiative.  The second faculty replied all stating “I hope you both are enjoying the summer break.”  What break?  I know it’s calm around here in the summer but I do not have a “break” like you.  My job is 12-months a year and I work all summer. Again I know it is more relaxed but that doesn’t discount the fact I MUST be in the office EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I really wonder if faculty understand there are employees who work year round. 

I’m having my labs check-up done during my lunch today.  I’m 99.9% sure everything will come back normal but there’s always the chance something has changed.  My DR added a few additional labs after my last appointment to check for markers of another autoimmune disease.  Again, I feel certain it will come back clear but waiting for the news is challenging.  Thankfully this DR’s office is usually quick to let you know. 

A quote used in a session at last week’s retreat says “When you’re out of touch with yourself you cannot be in touch with others.”  This quote as stayed with me since hearing it at the retreat.  It has reminded me of how far I’ve come the past couple years with my recovery.  Prior to the retreat I had started having some negative feelings towards myself but was able to process through them and keep them from leading to another relapse.  This quote was heard at the right time to remind me of what I enjoy doing and that is helping our students.  I have realized in order to help our students I need to be the best me I can be.  While retreat may be intended to motivate us for the upcoming academic year I always leave with motivation to keep pushing forward in recovery.  I’m thankful for the people who have a greater impact on my recovery than they will ever know. 

I was craving some pumpkin bread from Starbucks earlier today so I decided it would be my hold me over snack for the late afternoon until I was home for dinner. I stopped at the Starbucks in my town to find no parking spots in the lot and the drive thru backed up into the parking lot. I decided to drive to Lexington and stop at the one close to my church where I was headed. I get into the drive thru and place my order only to find out they were out. I concluded I was not supposed to have pumpkin bread. Sad day!